Bach Dang Wine Cellar

Visit the Wine Cellar with our professional sommelier to personally select the wine for your dinner!

In 938AD, Ngo Quyen led his forces at the Battle of Bach Dang River, close to Halong Bay and the Cat Ba Archipelago, to defeat the invading forces of the Southern Han, a Chinese state, and put an end to centuries of Chinese domination in Vietnam.

At high tide Ngo Quyen lured the enemy up the river, where he had secured poles in the riverbed. At low tide the Han found their ships impaled on the poles and they subsequently sunk. Ngo Quyen’s tactic would later be reused by Tran Hung Dao in another battle at Bach Dang River, this time against the Mongols, in 1288.

Named after these celebrated battles, the Bach Dang Wine Cellar has a winning selection of wines. You can visit our Wine Cellar with our sommelier or cruise director to choose the best wine to complement your menu choice at dinner in Le Tonkin Restaurant.

We also offer the opportunity to dine in the wine cellar itself, subject to availability, where the low lighting and surrounds create an intimate experience for that special occasion.