L’Art de l’Annam

The name, L’Art de l’Annam, has been inspired from the book of the same name, published in 1933 by Henri Gourdon, who was the director of the first Indochinese University – Université Indochinoise, who offered a view of the art of Annam from the perspective of a westerner.

The book is an objective view of a Frenchman who lived in Annam for a long time, illustrated by important documentary photographs, helping readers to better understand Annam society in the early 20th century, as well as the architecture, sculptures, paintings and handicrafts in our country at that time.

L’Ecole des Beaux Arts de l’Indochine was founded in 1925 and trained the first painters such as Nghiem, Lien, Sang, and Phai and created the Indochine art style. Vietnam contributed two major art forms to the world: painting on silk and lacquer. Vietnamese mosaic is also quite unique and sophisticated, according to Henri Gourdon.

Heritage Cruises has its own floating exhibition with the first designer art gallery of artist Pham Luc, known as the Picasso of Vietnam, plus works of other famous Vietnamese artists and rare artworks of painters from the Indochina Arts School.

In the art gallery you will also find old postcards, stamps, and original 20th-century photos collected by the owner of Heritage Cruises, for your pleasure. Guided art tours can be arranged as well as occasional auctions.