The culinary experience aboard Heritage Cruises is meant to inspire you to discover more about Vietnam, as food is such an integral part of the travel experience. You will not only enjoy new and classic flavors, but also a taste of the culture of this beautiful region.

Indochina is a geographical term originating in the early 19th century and referring to the continental portion of the region now known as Southeast Asia. The term was later adopted as the name of the colony of French Indochina including Vietnam (Tonkin (North Vietnam), Annam (Central Vietnam), Cochinchine (South Vietnam)), Cambodia, and Laos.

L’Indochine Restaurant is located on the Panorama Deck and enjoys stunning views. Our guests take breakfast, brunch de luxe and lunch here, either indoors or outdoors, whatever your preference.

At Heritage Cruises dining is not just about the menu. We craft dining experiences and our carte du jour is in the capable hands of Iron Chef, whose passion for gastronomy results in a fine-dining experience involving local and fusion cuisine drawing on Asian and Western influences. Our sommelier can also help you to choose your favorite wines from our wine cellar.