Van Don Shop

Named after a bustling ancient seaport where trade was of great importance from the 12th – 16th centuries, Van Don in the Tonkin Gulf, just few miles from the Cat Ba Archipelago, was a trading hub for precious goods with merchant ships from across the region, such as Java (Indonesia), Siam (Thailand), Japan, India, and China, docking there.

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, trading centers such as Hoi An in the south and Van Don in the north gradually lost their important position in the field of foreign trade.

In our boutique on the upper deck, you will find thoughtfully selected artisanal products, silks, pearls, jewelry and signature souvenirs specially designed for Heritage Cruises.

Items featured here include original pieces we source directly from talented artisans who live and work in the communities we visit and actively support. We strongly feel that heritage tourism can promote the economic and civic vitality of a community or region.

Heritage Cruises is proud that wherever possible, high quality pieces with a philanthropic origin have been selected, allowing our guests’ pleasure to be matched by the life-changing opportunities created for these artisans.

The sales help to create new jobs in the craft villages, the travel industry, at cultural and historic attractions, and in travel-related establishments. When they can relate to their personal, local, regional or national heritage, people are more likely to be motivated to safeguard their historic resources for future generations to enjoy.